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Jocelyne Laboisette-Foiret – Trainee Instructor

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Jocelyne began her career encouraging people to make changes towards achieving better wellbeing by training and working as a pharmacist assistant in France.
Then she trained as an SRN in England.
She travelled and worked in many countries which assisted her in developing a profound cultural sensitivity and an understanding of its impact in wellbeing.
In NZ after 10 years of farming *where she learned about animals behaviours and wellbeing), she became the editor of a local news paper. This made her discover the many trauma society in NZ was going through due to National financial depression. Then she worked in male prisons for 16 years. There she developed her skills in cognitive behavioural therapy and delivered rehabilitative programmes for violence prevention and for alcohol and drug addiction. She also became a Sentence planner which is about planning the prisoners’ activities during his stay in prison.

About 10 years ago, she studied Naturopathy and massage and became self employed, practicing holistic health therapy.
Bowen came into her life when she realised that massage did not bring 100% client satisfaction. She felt that she needed to find something much gentler. She once went to a Bowen Therapist. It changed her life and she never looked back. She learned this technique and became fully qualified.
Jocelyne, now, not only wishes to treat as many people as possible with the Bowen technique, but aspires in becoming a fully qualified Bowen Instructor so as to share this drop of knowledge to assist in making many ripples towards wellbeing in society.


Jocelyne has qualifications in many modalities; Advanced Bowen Practitioner, Massage, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Ortho–Bionomy, Naturopathy, Clendinning, Scenar Therapy, Reiki


Jocelyne has practiced Bowen Therapy for the past 8 years.
She has found that the range of modalities she practices provides a broad-spectrum of skills for which to treat any issues clients may present with – eg. One may need to make nutritional or life style changes to improve their wellbeing.

Teaching experience

Jocelyne obtained E.S.O.L and T.E.S.O.L certificates
Taught English to Refugees for 5 years
She also had her own Dojo, teaching Juijitsu and Aikido to adults and children


People and animal wellness is my passion and Bowen Technique is the most amazing technique to learn and practice. The results after treatment are profound and very beneficial for the client. To her no other treatment gets better results than a Bowen treatment.

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