About The Association

The first Bowtech training course in New Zealand was held in Paraparaumu Beach in 1991. New Zealand Bowen Therapy Incorporated was established in June 1995 in response to a growing number of therapists completing their training from The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia and offering Bowen Treatments in New Zealand.

In 1998 fully trained Instructors certified with The Bowen Therapy of Australia became established here and the association continued to grow. Recently renamed “Bowen Therapy New Zealand “ the association now administers over 100 registered Professional Practitioners and works closely with the Training arm of the Academy’s registered Instructors to train and support its many members throughout the country.

The association has a Professional code of ethics and is working closely with other allied Health Organisations to promote safe and effective forms of healing for the New Zealand Public.


Bowen Therapy New Zealand owns and administers the following registered trademarks in New Zealand:

“Bowtech The Original Bowen Technique”


“Bowenwork”, The Original Bowen Technique

on behalf of the Worldwide Bowen Therapy Academy, Australia.”