Manu Menard

Manu Menard

Is there a health condition/issue that is limiting you in any way? Would you like to reset your body to a balanced state? The Bowen therapy is a fantastic wellness modality that can just do that.
Hello, my name is Manu Menard. I have been doing thousands of Bowen treatments on a wide variety of clients ranging from specific recent physiological issues to unresolved chronic ones. Pain and suffering don’t have to restrict your movements and impact your wellbeing. I know that personally because after seeing 19 different medical practitioners for various problems, only the Bowen therapy put me back on track. So imagine what it would be like to go on about your daily life pain-free, joyful, re-empowered. Just picture it for a moment!
Delivered by thousands of practitioners around the world, the Bowen therapy consists of gentle rolling moves performed over the clothes that stimulate your body to heal itself starting with your autonomous nervous system. Not only will you find your old happy self but you will also shine on your loved ones.
Are you ready to experience concrete changes?
Don’t wait to get worse, act now to get better, contact me!

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