Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones

I have been a registered Bowen Therapist since 2014, and attained the advanced Specialised Bowen Procedures 1 certificate in 2016. I live in Torbay on the North Shore and have a treatment room at my home.

My journey with Bowen began when I was introduced to this gentle form of bodywork for a lumbar injury that had become more debilitating over time. The Bowen treatments provided me with stability, and longer non-injury periods. The fascia and connective tissue around my spine appeared to be more glued around my bones providing more protection against re-injury. I was then able to build up my level of fitness with exercise and live the very active life I now enjoy.     Experiencing first hand how this amazing therapy can be life changing in one’s recovery from injury and chronic pain I am passionate in being able to assist others on their path to better health and well being.

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North Island, 19B Danbury Drive, Torbay, Auckland, New Zealand

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