Debbie Newman
Practitioner Name

I am a fully qualified Bowen Therapist with 25 years of clinical experience. My clinics have been in in Cairns  Bowen and the Sunshine Coast, in Australia. I just love seeing people for their first encounter with Bowen! They are usually amazed with the minimal approach of Bowen, and love the results .
My learning is continuing, and I have been fortunate to have various instructors along the way, and also instructing for the Bowen Academy of Australia for a while .
I love what I do and aim to keep Bowen in its pure form  which has always given good results to my clients.
Now living in New Zealand, I feel I have "come home", as a lot of my childhood was spent here. What an honour to be able to continue to work in this amazing modality in this beautiful country.

Street Address / Suburb / City
361 Clifford Street , Mangapapa, Gisborne .