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Gaylene Atkins
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Due to our current worldwide virus pandemic: I’ve chosen to minimise risk by being double-vaxxed; and I’m only seeing clients who are fully-vaccinated.
My home-based clinic days:  Tues/Weds/Thurs.
I’m passionate about varied styles of ‘body-self-healing work’ and the mind, body aspect; the relaxing/healing benefits of these modalities cannot be underestimated. Bowen works on all key areas of our being; physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Your amazing body wants you to be well; all I do is initiate your body self-healing mechanism to start-up.
In early 2019, I attended a wonderful workshop with Farida Irani (Ayurveda & Bowen specialist from Australia) who said ‘vibrational healing therapies will be the way forward for many regards their health and wellbeing’. Without a doubt I agree. Bowen-work fits into this arena. I’m also registered in the Havening Technique; a transformative neuroscience based modality with permanence.
I can confidently offer DISTANCE/REMOTE Bowen; having worked with clients in Florida, Brisbane & within NZ. During the 2020 Pandemic crisis I offered this to a practitioner with 20+ yrs experience, she’d never received ‘distance Bowen’, and was excited by the experience.

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Te Kuiti, Waikato