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One day, while waiting for a client, Inga read an ad in the local paper, which offered a course in Bowen therapy. Curious, she called the number and asked what that therapy entailed. The enthusiasm of the instructor prompted her to sign up for the training modules 1-6. This was in 2005. The journey was one of self-healing and discovery of a gentle body modality that took over a major part of her naturopathic clinic. In a very short time, massage clients were ‘switched’ to Bowen Therapy.

Inga runs a full time natural health practice in Auckland, and is part of a large integrated practice with other practitioners and holistic doctors. Her qualifications include a diploma in Naturopathy, which she received in 2003. Inga is passionate about mind-body balance and finds Bowen therapy is the perfect link between the two to assist healing. She believes in continuous education and attends seminars on a regular basis to stay up to date with the latest developments in the complementary health field. However, the important part of being a Bowen practitioner is the heart connection that makes this modality so unique. Observing the softening of stressed bodies and the wondrous look on a client’s face when they emerge from a treatment session is something that is not easily found in other therapies. Inga is currently learning CCmrt™ to expand her clinic. She feels fortunate to help rescue dogs at the local SPCA for her case studies. Seeing abused animals recover can be emotional to say the least!

Teaching seems a natural progression from being so involved in this modality, and is a whole new learning experience! The best thing about teaching is to see the change in people while they learn about the technique but also about themselves. Increased confident levels and improved self-esteem is very rewarding! Inga is a registered instructor and runs courses in Auckland.

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Phone: 09 534 3476 or 021 540544

Inga von Benzon