Please contact: Instructor/course coordinator Lynley Moroney
EMRT™/CCmrt™ Bowtech® Practitioner, ECL+R® International Instructor

ph +64 21 263 4851
email: EMRT.lynleymoroney@gmail.com


Lynley grew up on a Wairarapa hill country farm. Horses and dogs have always been a part of her life. She spent 25 years working and training in the thoroughbred breeding and racing industry, running a small lifestyle block and teaching people to ride horses. She also ran a small general woman handy woman business, and spent 2 days a week caring for tetraplegic & paraplegic clients in their own homes.

She came to Bowen as a last resort for a severe disabling back injury which other therapies had not helped significantly leaving her facing a 50% chance of being in a wheelchair.


Lynley has 2½ years General nursing training, AI Tecnician training, learned the Tellington Touch method and intuitive magnetic healing for humans and animals. When she heard of Ali Goward coming from Australia to teach equine Bowen in NZ she knew instantly – this was her calling.

Involved with Bowen for 11 years & practicing as anEMRT™ (Equine Muscle Release Therapy) and CCMRT™ (Cat and canine Muscle Release Therapy). She has completed 5 years of teachers training to become an International Instructor for EMRT™ & CCMRT™ and is also a fully qualified Professional Bowtech Therapist for humans.


Lynley has a nationwide practice which has afforded her extensive experience treating all types of animals & their humans (Bowtech). Internationally she has been the NZ Polocrosse team therapist in South Africa & Australia and as an Instructor now has extended her experience in the international arena.


Although she had spent many years helping people, Lynley’s passion is with horses. Since learning Bowen, she has never felt the need to use any other form of body work. A huge part of the work is educating horse owners as to why their charges cannot do “whatever” and finds great satisfaction when the “penny drops” forth owners. This enables owner, horse and Lynley to work together to make a difference.

Lynley Moroney Ph 021 2634851

Lynley Moroney