Richard P Rust

For the next upcoming Training intake, please contact the Instructor using the contact details below:

Richard Rust Ph (04) 473 8788


Richard came to Bowen from a background of University study in Cell Biology and Zoology, and 5 years in the Pharmaceutical industry.

He also developed the Wellington School of Massage Therapy’s own Anatomy,Physiology & Pathology course as part of their affiliation with the Therapeutic Massage Association, now Massage New Zealand. His introduction to Bowen came after he became intrigued about “this strange modality that used very gentle moves over different parts of the body and got amazing results”.


Richard has qualifications in many modalities; Advanced Bowen Practitioner, Massage/Neuromuscular Therapy, NLP Master Practitioner, Ortho–Bionomy (International Practitioner – SOBI), Kinesiology Practitioner & Instructor (including Touch for Health, Kinergetics, Neural Organisation Technique).

Richard’s Bowen training began in 1992 and he has completed all 12 modules and was asked to become an Instructor in 1997.


As well as being a Director of The Wellington School of Massage Therapy and principal tutor, Richard also works from his central city clinic, The Radiant Health Center, 5 days a week.

He has found that the range of modalities he practices provides a comprehensive base for which to treat the spectrum of issues clients may present with – eg. if one has adrenal exhaustion one needs to make nutritional life style changes. He continues to offer his Anatomy and Physiology course to Bowen students training for Professional level.


Richard has an excitement and awe for the Bowen Technique as such a profound yet simple system of healing.

Richard Rust Ph (04) 473 8788